“Good morning, Milo. I have a few things I want to show you today. Let’s go on a quick drive first and then go to breakfast at a place by the ocean afterwards.”

Walt drove us to one of the roughest areas near his home. Once there, we parked and just observed. Right away, I noticed a vagrant sleeping under a tree, with his shopping cart nearby. After a couple of minutes, we witnessed a teenager on the corner acting as lookout for his gang. A short time later, we saw a woman who looked high on drugs. She walked by with three little children, all filthy, apparently receiving little care from their mother. After a few more people passed, a man walked by with a defensive snarl on his face, looking as if he was ready to pounce on the first person to cross him. I noticed graffiti in several places along this street and heard faint sounds of sirens.

As we observed the surroundings, Walt asked, “Are some of these lives really worth living? Are we using valuable resources on these people that could be better used elsewhere? You know our blood is anointed to rule, so tell me, how are we doing on this street?"

. . . . . . . . . We sat for a few minutes after stopping. I asked Walt if we were going in. He answered that he wanted to discuss one more important topic with me before entering. He then led me to a bench near the entrance to sit down.

“Milo, it is our Blood Right to rule. I touched on this earlier, but I must enlighten you further before we can enter our home. Part of our duty in ruling is to manage the people and the environment wisely.

“What would happen if we did not manage man’s best friend, the dog? They would breed endlessly until the streets were filled with dogs.  The resources to feed the dogs would soon run out and starvation would soon follow.

“Wise management leads us to spay and neuter them and at times we put down our furry friends to keep the population in balance.  Society puts down any vicious or nuisance dogs immediately.

“The same holds true with the people we manage. If we don’t keep the populations in balance, the resources to feed them will soon run out. At this time, the world population is way out of balance with the Earth’s resources. According to our calculations, the correct equilibrium of population to the Earth’s resources should be right around 500,000,000 people.

“We have already taken numerous steps to start bringing things back into balance, but we are not achieving results fast enough. We need to quicken the process and not with the soft methods the Religion side endorses. The soft methods don’t work on enough people.

“The masses of undesirables make living on our planet unpleasant. Look at the heavy traffic we drove through just to get here. They fill our prisons, litter our beaches, and waste our resources — and it will only get worse with time.

“We need to get back to the old ways soon, if we have any chance of saving our planet. Those who are undesirable and unproductive need to be removed immediately. We can’t tolerate any aggression to saving our planet. The productive and law-abiding citizens need their ability to reproduce taken from them until things return to balance. We must manage who reproduces and who does not if we want to make our planet a utopia,” Walt said in conclusion.

. . . . . . . . . . “Milo, fate has placed you in a very unique situation. You come to a center table of enlightenment on terms that has happened only once before. The last time it occurred was hundreds of years ago, not long after the split.

“What makes it so unique is that you have received enlightenment regarding the Bloodline, yet have not entered the fraternity.  Combine that with your romantic interest in a daughter of the Royal side of Blood, without enlightenment, and without guidance, which makes it known that your acts are not part of a conspiracy. Furthermore, you have continued in that romantic interest, although your father has discouraged it. We know your father discouraged it because we know of your search through the Hall of Records profiles before coming here.

“You now have the opportunity to enlighten a daughter of the Royal side of the Blood through marriage and enlighten her within the Royal communal house. The enlightened ones do not consider that such twists of fate in a modern world should be taken lightly. It is believed that the Universal Consciousness has guided your path to this place.

“So few of us know about the rules regarding this situation because of its extreme rarity. I only discovered them once I found out about you and did some research. With authorization of the rules, I can offer you a ten percent increase in your Blood Right for entering the fraternity with the Royal side of the Blood.

“If you chose to marry and enlighten my granddaughter after entering the fraternity, you will gain another ten percent increase to your Blood Right for doing so. A twenty percent increase in your blood right will place you at much higher tables of power than without.