“Milo, my heart is true to righteousness. I find joy in the fellowship of those pursuing our God’s ways. I delight in the fruits of our God’s teachings. I find happiness strengthening those who need my strength to discover a better path. I’m afraid too many miss the point, as they seek to be entertained in their house of worship, never finding the joy of serving others. I wrestled with this for a long time after my enlightenment, but I am now solid in my conviction and will support our God’s message the only way I know how. I fear that because you are now enlightened, you might fall into the same trap as others. The knowledge of your blood might give you a sense of superiority. At times our ancestors became very cruel because of this. They became blind to a reverence for life and in their quest to rule gave no thought to the suffering of others.

“You now know that there is a God, from what I shared with you today. Who truly holds the right to rule? Is it the blood of our ancestor from the sky or the one who lifts your heart and inspires your mind? What I’m trying to say is, ‘Never get lost in your enlightenment.’

“You might think that I would oppose your involvement in the fraternal order. My father...your grandfather...would say, ‘If it is secret, it cannot be good.’ There might be some truth to that, but we must look past generic sayings.

“Milo, you are in a very rare position...one where you can make a difference. Through the fraternal order, you will obtain a seat at the table of power. You will then possess the ability to truly influence the world for the betterment of all. You can help change minds so that they become more righteous and dignified rulers. Again, what is the alternative if all righteous men refused their seat at the table?

“I speak from my heart with all the love of a mother. Every day I will pray that you don’t get lost on your path.”